What Is A Good Face Routine?

What Is A Good Face Routine?

What Is A Good Face Routine?

If you find yourself lost you as a kitten in the crowd when you think Super bowl care products for the face, this article is for you. What are the basics of a face routine work? Which products are more essential than others? All answers here!

Why talk about a face routine?

A good routine face is above all to find products that suit us and help maintain the skin. Rather than draw each day a different soap or test all of creation cream, spend several weeks on the same products can often resolve small-scale miners as the skin feels tight, some nasty little problems … buttons and keeps under control drought or reverse the overproduction of sebum (skin = shining). In addition, it is the regularity that pays in beauty by taking the same actions every day, your skin renews itself properly.

Clean: After cleansed, clean. Why? Because if you leave the cleanser on your face , with the key opportunities pimples, redness, blackheads … Anyway, you ” dirty ” your face and prevents breathing, as if cleansing was not simply much. For simplicity, you can just clean you up with a cleansing gel, water soluble. There are also creams textures, moss … For those using a micellar cleansing water, do not bother to clean, since this combines both.

Moisturize: After cleaning the skin, it is imperative to hydrate. If you do not hydrate, cleaning removes the “good fats” the skin and it is less well defended. Even in case of oily skin, the cream is advised, so just take it without fat (usually stamped “oil-free “). If you have dry skin (it takes, there are patches of drought), it should be nourishing, and finally, if you have dehydrated skin (it feels tight but you do not have skin peeling or other), it should choose moisturizing.

Optional steps

Lotion: The lotion is applied after cleansing and just prior to the cream. The lotion removes limestone skin (hard water) and treats a few problems if you want. For example, if you tend to have pimples, there are contractor lotions. If you just want to refresh your skin, there are floral waters. If you would like to moisturize, choose a moisturizing lotion etc … The choice is almost endless. Lotion does not hurt the skin, but is not mandatory if you do not like it or if you simply do not have time.

Sera: pretty useless when you’re young and you have no particular concern, they can be useful if you suffer from pimples, blemishes / scars, or a big lack of hydration. In all cases the serum is still not the product most suitable for young skin and is very expensive. Chosen rather a “neutral” (hydration or shine) to give a boost to your skin a change of season, for example, but do not abuse if your skin goes very well with only the cream.