Selection of Scrubs and Face Masks

Selection of Scrubs and Face Masks

Selection of Scrubs and Face Masks


A scrub, after a party, it’s a bit like the shower: it is a revival of the epidermis. Get rid of all these toxins, and catch your lack of cleansing (not pretend) with these small grains. If you do not want to use scrub, you can swap your hands against a small brush to clean your face. No need to rub like crazy either, the point is not to turn your skin steak kebab, but the fresh air! Impurities lurk in the shadows and buttons in preparation because of alcohol will usually calm down and return to their mother.


A mask is to apply after peeling, help restore balance to your skin. If you just abused biscuits and your night lasted approximately 3:52, draws a purifying mask. If, however, you feel your face assaulted, red, rather enjoys a moisturizing mask. If in addition to all that, you have the chance to end up with enough puffiness under the eyes to be able to go to Kenya, to think of the patches under the eyes, quite practical.

Purifying masks:

– The great menthes: a super cool mask that cleanses the skin well.

– Clay mask and cucumber: a small unpretentious mask to use from time to time, but not always because of the clay that can create a rebound effect.

Eye Masks:

– Patch puffiness: patches in place before, to deflate and relieve puffiness.

– Home mask, less efficient greener option: two tea bags (which were infused) cooled completely, for action boost. Prepare a good curative tea; it will serve you always in these cases.