Home remedies for acne

Home remedies for acne

Acne is often a wound to those who are affected, young and older. But some medical treatments to get rid of can be harmful to the skin and can have side effects.

In addition, visits to the dermatologist and medications can be very expensive and their effectiveness is not always proven.

Fortunately, there are many tips that are natural economic and whose effectiveness has been proven by our grandmothers. Here are the best known remedies:

Lemon juice is one of the most popular home remedies for acne attacks and marks left by pimples. If acne marks are dark, lemon juice can be a good way to lighten. You should clean the face with a little lemon juice, dab a cotton ball in a teaspoon and then apply on the acne marks. You must leave it for ten minutes, then rinse.

However, it is necessary to be very careful with lemon juice because it can make your skin photosensitive. So be sure to use a sunscreen on any area treated with lemon juice before going sunbathing.

Lemon can be mixed with cinnamon powder. Simply mix these ingredients to make a paste that can be applied to the face before sleeping.

Baking soda and yeast can also be effective against acne. In yeast, just take two capsules twice a day.

Home remedies for acne

Sodium hydroxide, in turn, is used in addition to olive oil. It is first of all to exfoliate the skin with baking soda. For this, mix one teaspoon of baking soda with two teaspoons of filtered water. It should then gently rub the mixture on the acne marks for sixty seconds then rinse thoroughly.

After exfoliating the skin, it must be massaged with a very small amount of olive oil on the face. Baking soda can lose the skin’s elasticity and suppleness. Nutrients olive oil moisturizes the skin deeply.

Another home remedy known to be effective on acne is Aloe Vera. Its antibiotic and anti-inflammatory properties make it an effective natural treatment against acne. Simply apply the Aloe Vera gel on your face and keep overnight. This treatment is to be performed every day until you feel better.

Among natural remedies, fruits are also a good treatment against acne. In addition, eating fresh fruits regularly to provide the skin with vitamin C creates collagen. It is also possible to apply on your face for exfoliation in mild acid.

To do this, we must crush the pineapple puree (the equivalent of a cup), apply on face and leave for 10-15 minutes before rinsing. The pineapple contains ascorbic acid, it illuminates the complexion and helps reduce acne marks.

The last natural remedy against acne is simple: water. It should actually drink at least 1.25 liters of water a day to give the skin the amount of water necessary for his health.