Did you know that green clay, often used as a mask, is the most effective way to treat your skin imperfections such as acne for example?

We have the opportunity to have a wide range of products based on clay (creams, masks …), because of the different types and colors of clay that exist (white clay, red clay, the green clay, pink clay and yellow clay).

green clay mask

All these types of clays have a large amount of minerals and are used differently according to their category, but they usually offer all of the exceptional properties for your skin. But the most effective asset to have beautiful skin healthy and soft clay remains green at the same time treats acne. Thanks to its numerous healing properties, it can also be ingested to treat certain ailments of your body.

Green clay against acne and other skin imperfections

Green clay is known to be the most absorbent clays. It is generally used as a facial mask for facial tissue repair, even if you have dry skin and dehydrated skin or acne. Combined with other natural ingredients, it helps to remove toxins from the skin and regulate oil secretions or sweat. In addition to a healthy skin, green clay refines the skin by promoting a smooth, supple and clear, this is due to its ability to stimulate blood circulation and the lymphatic system, eliminate dead skin cells, tone and strengthen connective tissue. Green clay can become your ideal companion during a body detoxification program for example.

Academic researchers have demonstrated that a substance present in green clay attacking bad bacteria. It is for this reason that it is used for skin care and disease caused by strains of bacteria.

The different uses of green clay

The clay can be ingested orally to the benefits it provides to the body or used on the skin. Therefore, it can be used for therapeutic or in the field of beauty. The use of green clay is not new: already in prehistoric times, researchers think Homo erectus and Homo Neanderthal used it to heal wounds.

For internal use, as well as oral, anal or vaginal, clay fits or there is evil. It fixed it for several days to evacuate the body pus, black blood … The green clay cleanses and purifies the blood, cures diarrhea and fills gaps.