Fight against Pimples with Natural Masks

Fight against Pimples with Natural Masks

Fight against Pimples with Natural Masks

Faced with the summer atmosphere that began to appear along the rays of the sun, many of us seem to revive and then feel their potential seduction grow gradually as the skirts are getting shorter and the complexion tan.

Difficult to accept then see a button on your face in the reflection of the mirror!

How to fight pimples naturally

Acne is your enemy of every day? You have a little too hard on fatty foods and you’re with a small “spot” on the red face?

Here are some natural solutions that you can prepare at home!

When you feel trying to impose your face on a button, you can mix green clay with warm water and apply the mixture on the affected area. Once the clay is dry on your face, you can clean it!

Lemon would also have a dramatic effect on the buttons. Cut a lemon in half and apply the flesh of the fruit on your button several times a day. Rapid effect guaranteed!

If you have a little time, you can also mix the juice of tomato, a lemon with a little glycerin. Once mixed, the liquid can then be applied to the face and buttons after a bath or shower.

Yeast Capsules are also often recommended for the treatment of acne.

In the same genre as cucumber mask is visualized all perfectly thanks to numerous television images showed, mask of tomato slices is also known to be very effective.

Fight against pimples and acne: gestures to avoid

If you are often subject to unwanted outbreaks of pimples, here are some tips to help you limit them.

  • Wash your face with soap with a neutral pH and non-perfumed soap
  • Always remove makeup and cleanse your skin before going to bed
  • Conduct regular gentle exfoliation of the skin before removing dead skin cells and excess sebum
  • Limit alcohol and sausages
  • Do not puncture and scratch your buttons to limit the propagation area and scars
  • Prefer products labeled “non-Comedogenic”, which does not clog pores.