Tips and tricks against acne

Regular visits to dermatologists can turn heavy on your pockets, especially for girls, who are of course the most aesthetic conscious sex. Approximately 85% of the population is affected by acne breakouts and about 5% suffer from the severe form of the disease. Medications and regular monitoring does help, but if you have some acne tips and tricks under your sleeve, then you can cut down on the money you spend each week. Then, write down these points and keep them.

Advice on how to prevent acne


First of all I want to mention girls and boys that the tips and tricks of acne are about avoiding squeezing or picking. Doing so may give you a fleeting pleasure not to see acne on your face for the moment. But it is sure to give you a lot of frustration acne scars and that too of a lifetime. So let acne alone and try other treatments for aggressive none soothe irritation, like a little cream or something.

Also avoid the use of any harsh scrubs. This material may easily detach from the skin and cause scarring. And do not forget to use a fresh washcloth each time you get your face cleaned. Do not use cloths or sponges used because they host many pathogens. It would be better if you avoid the use of these materials completely, if possible.


Very important tips and tricks acne is considered cheating sun exposure. It is advised to avoid tanning. In addition, regular exposure to the sun can exacerbate the condition. To use shampoos that has a drug formulation, if the acne breakout occurred on the scalp and hairline. Keep your hair clean and scalp soothed. Washing hair combs and brushes are also included in the acne treatment advice.


You can’t believe it, but even changing your pillowcase is one of the effective tips and tricks of acne. The reason why that is the pillowcases can harbor bacteria and oil during you are sleeping on the same side of the pillow each night can aggravate your acne.


Do not forget to wash after exercise or after an event that makes you sweat. Ignoring this can allow bacteria to grow in the warm, moist environment in your skin. So get cleaned whenever you sweat.


Stuff your diet with foods rich in antioxidants. Common examples include berries, green tea, green vegetables and fish to name a few. Also, keep track of these foods; eat what your acne worse.


Tips and tricks for house acne


However, these tips and tricks were more like acne prevention condition to occur or worsen. Take a look at some of these quick tips on home treatment of acne.


Cut garlic cloves new and gently rub the zit and secure with an anti-bacterial tape.

Make a puree of onions and use it as a mask.

Make a paste with fine sea salt and egg white. Use it as a mask.

Apply honey as a mask to treat your acne.

Take equal proportions of green tea and vinegar and massage your skin gently with it.

Apply yogurt to the affected area and leave for 5 to 10 minutes. Rinse with fresh water.

Soak a pad in green tea fresh and cool. Apply all over your face acne prey.

Drink herbal teas regularly Echinacea, lemon balm, rosemary, dill and parsley. Cleaning the skin from internally is better to get rid of acne.

Rub lemon on outbreaks of acne also help reduce their appearance.

Rub the gelatinous liquid of Aloe Vera plants on pimples. It would help them heal faster and reduce the risk of scarring.

This was all about the tips and tricks I had acne for all of you now. I failed to mention above was the importance of drinking water. It is a fact that people who drink a lot of water and other non-alcoholic liquids are less prone to developing acne. And yes, get rid of acne should not always be an expensive affair. Turn Nature and get a safe and effective solution!