Remove acne naturally

To fight against acne: do the sports

How the practice of a sport can help you to fight acne?

Today, we eat more with industrially produced processed. Blood to the liver toxins vehicle which is normally eliminated. When you are doing sports, we sweat and bad toxins that the liver can no longer remove are evacuated by sweating. Many people incorrectly believe that sweating after a workout increase the thickness of the skin and thus promote the emergence of a button. This is wrong! The bacteria that cause the acne cannot develop on skin peroxide. To fight acne, sport is a natural solution for more effective to eliminate toxins. It helps to re-oxygenate the skin deeply.

To eliminate acne: Adopt a Mediterranean diet!

A study by the University of Rome Dermatology revealed that people who have a Mediterranean diet have less acne than eating in the West. 93 17 year olds with acne were compared to 200 healthy young skins. The study shows that people who eat a Western (diet rich in calories, sugar, fat, and meat and milk proteins) have more acne than those with the Mediterranean diet. We already knew the benefits of the Mediterranean diet on cancer and cardiovascular disease acne but this is a first. But so eat Mediterranean? Mediterranean cuisine is rich in fish, fruit and vegetables, dried fruits, with garlic, thyme, basil and rosemary and all this with olive oil! Mediterranean cuisine is considered the healthiest food in the world. To fight against acne and blemishes: remember to change your lifestyle.

Zinc and burdock to eliminate acne

Zinc and burdock are two elements that allow the body to reset its detoxifying functions eliminate and restructure the skin.

Zinc acts on the bacteria responsible for acne also known as “Propionibacterium acnes”. It reduces inflammation and promotes healing. Some foods that contain zinc: Wheat germ flakes, liver veal or pork or whole grains.

In addition, to find a skin clearer and fresher, make a burdock cure for two months. In the form of tea, capsules or full suspension of fresh plant (SIPF). Purifying and antibacterial properties make it an ally of choice for problem skin. And if your face tends to shine, to associate the savage mind.

The nature includes many properties to fight against acne from the inside. They help at the same time to cleanse the body, purify and regenerate from the inside for visible results outside