Home care for acne

Acne is a disorder of adolescence must be taken very seriously, it is not serious in terms of health but because it can disrupt many young sufferer.

A sallow complexion, oily skin stained with blackheads and pimples bald can really ruin a life or a teenager.

Home care for acneIt would be stupid to let them suffer a disgrace that we may well treat: Nature is full of remedies that have been proven and are completely devoid of harmful side effects!

Although acne is a complex phenomenon caused by both endocrine imbalances, fouling of the body, the liver and poor assimilation.

At puberty, hormones cause increased activity of the sebaceous glands.

Sebum, which is the lubricant for the skin, blocks the pore which causes a small size which blackens being oxidized on contact with air.

This is the birth of the black dot.

Pustules of acne are caused by an inflammatory reaction of the skin against these plugs of sebum.

The skin thickens and often at the same time, the hair is dull and fat, along with dandruff, which accentuates the depression of the girl or boy who is and feels ugly.

Complexes can become very important to change the psychology and personality.

Withdrawn, shy, embarrassed, young and becomes aggressive reaction by entering a spiral of relationship problems with peers.

In addition, the kid who does not like physically makes mistakes: more or less consciously, he crashed a little more fiddling with the buttons, even though he knows he does not aggravate his acne causing scars that may become final.

But everything happens as if punishing himself of his acne and psychological problems it causes.

This means if the acne is for the young a source of unrest that is important not to minimize!

We’ve all been there “and other false consolations, can only convince the teenager that his problems you indifferent.

The correct formula is to propose to cure a gentle method that has been proven.

Firstly, you must drain the body of toxins, prevent the spread of germs and eat healthy food:

Remove sugars and fats, alcohol, tobacco and coffee.

Eat in quantity: watercress, dandelion, artichokes, asparagus, cucumbers, leeks, apples and pears.

 Acne treatment must be done in two distinct steps:

– First, as always in natural medicine, the field must be prepared. Therefore purify the body and the skin by inpatient care. A purifying treatment for 2 months, followed regularly is essential.

– Second, we must fight against unsightly buttons by outpatient care.

The internal care

In the day

Drink a liter this tea drainage, 4 or 5 times between meals.

Mix the following ingredients:

Heather flower: 50 gram

Yarrow plant: 50 grams

Juniper Bay: 25 gram

Thyme leaf: 50 gram

Rosemary leaf: 50 gram

Knead plant them.

Count 5 level tablespoons of mixture into a liter of cold water bring to boil, boil for one minute, to infuse for 10 minutes.


Duration of treatment: for at least a month.

It may be necessary to renew it.

– Every day, after meals, afternoon and evening: Also drink a cup of this tea.

Mix plant between them. Count one tablespoon of the mixture to a bowl of boiling water.

Steep for 5 minutes and filter.

The external care

In case of mild acne, simply wash your face with soap and PH neutral lotion after you with moistened cotton floral water, witch hazel.

However, face acne resistant fumigation can help heal the skin.

Following fumigation is done once a week, before a scrub.

It helps soften the skin and deep clean.

1/4 liter of cold water + 1 tablespoon thyme leaves + 1 tablespoon Juniper berries. Boil 3 minutes.

Place your face over the container, taking care to cover your head with a towel to fully enjoy the steam for 10 minutes.

Scrub sanitizer

Mix the following ingredients:

1/2 teaspoon oil Camoxy + 1 drop of essential oil of Sassafras (no more)

The mixture must be homogeneous, you will achieve with a small stick.

Gently massage the face by turning in the direction of clockwise.

– Duration of treatment: about 4 minutes. Rinse with warm water, and do it twice a week.

Scrub ideal

Mix the two ingredients in a small bowl the following: Oil Pure Hazel: + 1 teaspoon green clay 1 teaspoon.

Spread gently over entire face. Massage with small circular movements, especially the fat parts: the nose, forehead, and chin. Rinse with warm water.

Then spray floral water camphor.

– Duration of treatment to two times a week.

The Aspirin lotion

Mix: Alcohol Mint: 120 gram + Rose Water: 80 gram + Aspirin effervescent Vitamin C: Take 4 tablets + a little cotton.

Dab your face morning and evening.

The Lime lotion

Take small limes. Cut in half. Rub the whole face.

The Lime not only kills germs, cleans the skin, but at the same time tightens pores. A simple way to hunt blackheads!