Fight Acne Naturally

Fight acne naturally

How to fight against acne naturally?

Treating acne, it is good but naturally even better. This avoids the side effects of certain prescription drugs or be fooled by the so-called “Miracle” no effect.

Natural solutions not break the bank and will bring no surprises. Here are some recipes of kitchen care to fight against this unwanted acne. It costs nothing to try!

1. A lime applied externally

The antiseptic, toning and healing properties of lemon are well known. For acne, lemon is an ideal partner.

Rub your face concentrating on areas infected with half a lime. Attention, it stings a little! This simple gesture kills germs, cleanses the skin and tones your face by tightening pores. What better way to fight against acne?

2. A homemade recipe of cleansing lotion

Benefits purifying and astringent vinegar and lemon combine to cleanse and purify your face thoroughly. Equal shares, mix cider vinegar, lime juice and mineral water and lotion that is your house ready. Perfume for her lotion, I like to add one or two drops of essential oil of rose that deserves the second soften the skin.

3. A mask with honey and vinegar

To moisturize your skin after cleaning your house, here’s my little natural mask that purifies, hydrates and protects my skin. – I mix two tablespoons of honey in a tablespoon of vinegar until the mixture is homogeneous. – I apply the mask directly on my cleansed skin.

– That’s it! I have to wait 10 minutes and hope that my friends do not arise out of the blue! I then rinsed thoroughly with lukewarm water.

4. A facial sauna house

A bowl of hot water and some herbs and my facial sauna house is ready. I add a sheet or towel over my head and I watch my little dance herbs for 20 minutes. Thyme, rosemary and basil are my favorites, both for their scent for their antiseptic and respiratory benefits. If you do not have a tea bag, or that hot water also work very well. As you sweat! Oh and remember to set a good CD before you hide under your towel, time goes faster!

Latest tips:

Remember to drink plenty of water or herbal tea during the day and avoid sweets for some time.