Face masks for acne scars

acne scarsIf you have acne scars that do not require surgery, you can try these things at home to reduce scarring.

1. Lemon juice.

Simply take a cotton pad soaked in lemon juice, then massage with your acne scars. The acidity will soften the skin and reduce the appearance of scars. Leave it for about 20 minutes, then wash with warm water.

2. Tomatoes.

Rub your scars with tomato half. This will lighten the scars and increase skin elasticity. Wash after 20 minutes.

3. Egg whites.

Use cotton moistened with egg white and massages your skin. The whites of an egg have very powerful restorative powers that can make scars less visible.

4. Cucumber juice.

A great technique to reduce inflammation and increase the elasticity of the skin is the use of cucumber juice. Since there is no acidity in cucumber juice, there is no need to rinse immediately. Leave it on the skin, and be sure to repeat every day.

5. Sodium bicarbonate.

Excellent very popular method for getting rid of acne scars naturally, to unclog pores, kill bacteria and exfoliate the skin. Simply mix baking soda with water to form a paste. Apply this mixture on your acne scars and let it sit for about 2-3 minutes, then rinse. Use this technique twice daily.

6. Honey.

An excellent way to smooth the skin and cleanse the pores is to use honey. Use hot water to clean your face and pat to dry skin. This will open the pores and allow the honey to enter. Apply generously honey in the areas affected by acne scars and also around.

Wait about 20 minutes, and then wash your face again with warm water. Dry your face and rub an ice cube all over your skin to close the pores.