Cucumber Face Mask

Face Mask for Acne prone and Oily Skin – Natural Treatment Cucumber

Cucumber Face MaskYour face has at all times an unpleasant sheen, especially visible on the nose, forehead and chin. Skin naturally produces sebum that eliminates follicles as liquid fatty oil having the appearance and which acts as a protective film. When sebum secretion is excessive (seborrhea) it follows oily skin that can in some cases produce blackheads and acne.

What can you do to overcome this and sometimes seborrhea acne? What natural treatment plants proved to be beneficial? What result do you get using a regular cucumber facial mask on your face?

It absolutely must not do

There are two actions to avoid when you have an oily skin.

1) Do not aggravate the appearance of your skin by applying fat fatty substances such as ointments and cerate. Always check the cosmetics you use contain no fat. Know for example that many moisturizers are added textures of oil or other fat!

2) Do not use any product for stripping the skin. By seeking to eliminate the glossy layer of the skin with abrasive skin tends to react against part by producing more sebum, the opposite effect of what you are looking for!

Recipe for cucumber mask

Half a cucumber >>

An egg white >>

1 tablespoon lemon juice>>

5 mint leaves >>

Mix these four ingredients and let the preparation in the refrigerator for ten minutes. Apply the mixture on your face and let it sit for at least 15-30 minutes. Rinse with hot water and then with cold water.

Why lemon juice, mint and egg white?

Lemon is an astringent that has the property to tighten pores. It is also an excellent cleanser and toner (contains citric acid that helps to remove dead skin cells while allowing the new cells to grow favorably). Oily skin with a high pH (alkaline), lemon juice helps to lower the pH of the skin to its more normal state (between 5.5 and 6.5). Lemon also contains significant levels of vitamin C.

Mint is also antiseptic and astringent, very useful when you have oily skin and large pores.

The egg white is rich in protein, strengthened skin. Of course, this feeling is only temporary but still enjoyable. Do not go thinking that the egg proteins have anti-aging as some people say. This is wrong! However, the egg white contains an enzyme called lysozyme whose main function is to digest bacterial cell walls. It has a local antibacterial.

Therapeutic benefits of cucumber face mask

As you know certainly, cucumber (Cucumis sativus) is a fruit (eaten as a vegetable) used since the middle Ages as a mask natural beauty. Cucumber slices still used in cosmetics have moisturizing, softening (relieving irritation and redness), astringent, nourishing and regenerating.

Indeed, the cucumber contains many minerals, amino acids, trace elements and vitamins. 100 grams of cucumber contains approximately 3 mg of vitamin C. Vitamin C is an antioxidant role by blocking free radicals and toning the skin.

On the other hand, the cucumber has a pH close to that of the skin that helps restore the natural acidity of the ‘acid mantle’ of its surface.


More and more men and women take pleasure in making natural beauty recipes at home. There are many advantages to this: you can adapt the recipe to your skin type and you change with time and experience in order to increase its therapeutic effects, it is usually easy recipes to prepare at home, the plants used are common and cheap.

A number of people suffering from acne have been satisfied with the results obtained by applying regularly face mask. Of course, the result is not unanimous! This would be! Why not try it if you are looking for a natural way to reduce or eliminate blackheads and pimples? You risk nothing to test this remedy millennium in your case! Also note that this beauty mask is beneficial for skin that has suffered from being too exposed to the sun.

Bio Face Mask with yellow clay for oily skin

Discover a cosmetic product which is prepared as and when needed, in small quantities and without humectants, moisturizers, preservatives, hydrocarbons, esters and fatty alcohol…

This face mask formulated with yellow clay for oily skin comes in the form of a paste of yellow leaves on the skin a delicate lemony scent and warm.

The yellow clay has the property of absorbing the impurities finest including odor. This mask Bio constricted pores and leaves the skin particularly soft. Applied as a mask on the face, it soothes and cleanses oily skin.