Aspirin mask

Today I share with you a recipe for aspirin mask is a good remedy for those with acne prone skin. It will heal pimples and prevent their appearance because it contains salicylic acid which is good for exfoliating the skin, and both an anti-inflammatory.

Aspirin mask


– 2 tablets of aspirin

– 1 tablespoon honey (moisturizing, healing and soothing)

– 1 teaspoon of water

Preparation & Application:

Dissolve aspirin in water until a paste and mix with honey (honey allow aspirin to penetrate more easily, plus it is an antibacterial and is therefore an excellent complement this mask). Apply this mixture on cleansed face avoiding the eye contour. Let stand 15 to 30 minutes. Moisten a cotton swab with water and wipe the face making round so as to perform a slight peeling. Then rinse thoroughly with water, and then put a moisturizer.

This mask dries pimples, reduces inflammation and removes redness. In addition, regular use once a week will help to cleanse the skin thoroughly and get rid of acne scars. This mask also aims to tighten pores, eliminate blackheads and have a clearer complexion.


– Allergy to aspirin

– Treatment dermatology.