Acne pimples

Acne buttonsOne wrong side of adolescence is acne and its unsightly buttons. It should be a reason to worry… Most adults are also affected: stress and acne also carry pregnancy. Care skin cleanser and a good daily maintenance can minimize the appearance of buttons, but time it’s always a few that comes without warning.

The sebaceous glands are very active teenagers, and sebum, the oily substance is produced significantly. It is the combination of sebum and bacteria naturally present on the skin that clog pores at the end of our channels hairy skin and these buttons are whitish, and the worst thing to do is drill!

Not only more dirt will end up in contact with the affected area, but the infection may spread and cause pimples advantage. The worst case scenario is a major infection of the skin and other irritations.

The long-term consequences of constantly break the acne scars are permanent, cracks in the skin where there is no effective remedy in the short term. Some adults are complex because of the scars associated with adolescence and their bad habits pressing of acne papules.

We all know it is hard to resist: we look in the mirror and horror! This small white button to spoil this beautiful landscape is our face! It is however necessary to resist the temptation to press with complacency. Rather than using your fingers, the best approach is to clean these buttons with one of the many products available on the market.

All are designed for oily and problem teenagers and contain an active astringent.

If you crack and drill a button disinfect. You can also clean with a drop of lavender essential oil on a cotton swab: this will also facilitate rapid healing.

Puberty is the time of any changes in the body, increasing testosterone in males promotes acne.